After the success of her bucket bag, Delphine Delafon launches herself into ready-to-wear

Delphine Delafon represents the Parisian, the one who designs and follows the urban girl’s desires of the moment, playing with both sophistication and personalization. Everything started 5 years ago, when she embarked on the creation of buckets bags in her atelier at the heart of Paris, all while leaving the choice to each person to choose the material and the details. (Interview)With her love of working on skins, she today decides to go even further or rather to renew her love of clothes by proposing new pieces for next winter. (Interview)To present this new collection, Delphine creates a gothic presentation like a scene from a film, where its heroines possess this rebellious and chic side at the same time.Interview with Delphine Delafon :I made the bag quite spontaneously, and then I left it to grow, tranquilly, without any particular expectation, and then voila, after five years, we can say that it had worked so I wanted to go furtherI want to make lots of products, I want to make shoes, jackets, I love all the materials, leather, and sheepskin. The bag adventure was great but I want to have a complete silhouette, that’s more my thing. I wanted this collection to be called “desperadas”. There was a bit of an old Zorro inspiration, with a lot of black, something a bit Mexican, but we still wanted it to be a little bit punk, in the jewelry, in the materials with things in fishnet. Music free of right / Bandit & Nikit / 2017

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