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#TheBestIsYetToCome - Interview with Johanna Sebag, founder and CEO of Dresscode Paris

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Why "the best is yet to come"?during this lockdown, we have reflected a lot on our values, we took a break and we were able to concentrate. it created a lot of energy and team spirit, so the best is yet to come. how will you reinvent yourself?on the digital side, as a consultant for clients and designers, to find new codes to communicate differently and learn to reinvent ourselves by creating lots of emotion and value. what word defines the fashion of tomorrow?eco-friendly, committed, valueswhat about a 100% digital world?we’re going to have to move towards 100% digital fashion. physical shops can also be digitalised. i think the brands that will become 100% digital will have a better chance of succeeding. "better, differently, less" in fashion?make less and consume better. maybe we will buy a little less, but better, with true brand values and a real brand heritage. what will luxury look like in the future?the luxury of tomorrow is just buying better. and to return to many values and iconic brands.what is your next challenge?to manage this post-crisis with the teams and brands,to have a real advisory role and therefore really try to go ahead this crisis as much as possible.